You can’t pour from an empty cup -why it’s not selfish to look after yourself first…

There’s a reason that on airplanes we’re told to put on our own oxygen masks before we help others. You’re no use to anyone else unless you take care of yourself.

So today, my priority is to sit outside in the garden, with a cup of decaf earl grey (ditch caffeine if you’re an anxious type – it just feeds the adrenaline that you want to calm), and just be. Feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, listen to the birds and the breeze and appreciate the beauty around me. The to do list can wait. No guilt, I’m looking after my body and mind and prioritising finding joy in my day. When I’m old and in my rocking chair I will never wish I’d done more washing and kept the house tidier.

I hope you can find even a few moments in your day to do the same. Get out in the sunshine and your body will thank you, I promise ☀️☀️☀️. And with that I’m switching off and walking the talk! And relax……IMG_9689

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