What is going on?

A brave and honest account of the physical and emotional rollercoaster Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…

a snoozie life

shockWhat a difference a day can make. It is 11.27am and I’m typing this post after doing 30 minutes of yoga in the sun. I’m feeling calm and balanced and strong and awake. Yesterday at 11.27am? Well that’s a different story…

audiobox2I spent yesterday morning bawling. Not crying or weeping or sobbing but bawling. Huge sobs wracking my body, snot and tears sliming my face. And I just couldn’t stop. What triggered this episode of excess emotion? Well, I watched a very sad episode of the TV show, Nashville (those who watch this show will know why I was crying!). I often cry at TV, I’m an emotional person, but what started as a few stray tears escaping my eyes and a bit of snuffling quickly escalated. I ended up on the floor of the shower bawling. Why?

Well, there’s a few reasons why and one of them is that…

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One thought on “What is going on?

  1. Gosh that was a startlingly similar an experience to my own to read about, thanks Hazel and thanks Suzie. Love and living to you both! xx


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